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NO minimum trip requirement or fixed work hours


Accept jobs whenever you want.


Avoid the hassle of handling cash with cashless payments.

What do I need to be on the team?


  • Valid driving license
  • Singaporean or Singaporean PR
  • Prime Delivery Thermal Bag


  • NRIC
  • Valid driving license
  • Photo of vehicle

Next Steps:

  • Sign up online and submit your details
  • Complete and pass your online driver quiz (min. passing rate 90%)
  • Start accepting jobs immediately once your account is activated!

Mode of delivery




Frequently asked questions from our drivers

When can I start to deliver after I have completed my registration and passed the Driver Quiz?

Account will be verified within 1 working day. You may start accepting jobs immediately after your account is activated.

I do not own a vehicle. Can I deliver as a cyclist?

We do not accept bicycles as a mode of delivery at the moment. However, if you possess a valid driver’s license and wish to deliver with us, you can contact us for more rental-related enquiries.

Rent a vehicle with us

I am a PHV/taxi driver. Can I sign up to deliver?

Yes, PHV and taxi drivers are welcome to sign up as a Prime Delivery driver as long as you have a vehicle you can use to make deliveries.

Is there any payment or deposit required?

There is no deposit or admin fee required upon registration.

Do I need to purchase any delivery gear?

There is a compulsory purchase of $10 for a Prime Delivery thermal bag to have your account activated.

Where can I see my weekly earnings?

You may view your weekly earnings in your Payment Statement via email.

How much can I earn as a Prime Delivery freelance driver?

Your earnings are on based on per job completed reflected in the Job Channel. You can earn up to $25 an hour or at least a minimum of $8 per job.

Receive a FREE* Thermal Bag when you join us now!

*Only valid for the 1st 100 sign-ups, upon activation.